Richard Griffin The Magician
About Richard Griffin


Performance: 5 to 45 Minute Show

No Live Music Required

Suitable For All Ages

New and Different Routines

Gold Star Member of the Inner Magic Circle


Richard is the UK’s multi-award winning magician who has specialised in cruise ships for over 15 years. For the first time, he presents ‘The Unspeakable Magician’ – spellbinding magic which will get everyone talking even though he never speaks a word.

You will laugh, you will gasp and you will applaud – the perfect combination of light-hearted entertainment developed from a decade and a half of unparalleled experience.

Whether it’s a family audience or adults only, The Unspeakable Magician appeals to even those who wouldn’t typically watch a magician.

Richard can also perform close up magic, something that breaks the ice and gets your guests talking. Greeting your guests, entertaining between courses or during canapés is always a winning combination. Professional and never obtrusive, Richard’s close-quarter magic happens under the noses of your guests – and becomes a talking point of the event.

If you prefer some chatty banter, just say so and Richard will be amusing, as well as amazing. So wherever your guests are from – whatever their language – everyone is talking about ‘The Unspeakable Magician’.

For the first time, Richard also offers his Visualize show – the ultimate magical experience. The audience will witness Richard incorporate his skillful magic with the latest laser light technology, effortlessly manipulate dazzling lasers with his fingertips and perform his award winning magic at the same time.

Playing cards appear at his fingers, silver rings float and dance around the beams of light, lasers will bend and spin in a choreographed show, all performed in front of your eyes. You’ll see it – but you still won’t believe it!


“We don’t know how you did it, amazing!”

Prince William & Kate Middleton

“You’re fantastic!”

Michael Jackson

“That was incredible!”

Ruby Wax

“A brilliant magician.”

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Corporate Events


Golf Days




Product Launches