It's Now or Never (Elvis Presley)
About It’s Now or Never


Performance: 2 x 45 minutes or 1 hour

Backing: Tracks and Band

Sound Engineer


Area: UK and Worldwide

Elvis Presley was one of the most prolific recording artistes of all time. True fans will know that he covered every genre of music from gospel to country to pop, soul even rock music. His albums span decades of famous and still popular hits. It’s Now or Never has picked out a substantial selection from these (literally) thousands of tracks. These are the ‘core’ songs, the songs that whoever else has recorded them through the years, can only really be attributed to The King himself. Songs that everyone knows and loves.

A superlative tribute to Elvis is usually a difficult find. ‘On the cheap’ – Elvis is a relatively easy subject to copy/parody/caricature‚Ķ A glitzy one-piece costume, some sunglasses and a turned-up lip usually do the trick- if, of course, you’re not looking for something that vaguely resembles the real King. It’s Now or Never is definitely not a tribute done ‘on the cheap’. He has his costumes made to exacting specifications in the USA. He cares about every aspect of the way he looks, moves – and especially about being faithful to the vocals. Every single song is performed faithfully – true to the original. Every nuance captured, to make the show both spectacular and unique. For a real Elvis tribute, It’s Now or Never will never let you down.

Audio Samples

Can’t Help Believing

Stuck On You

It’s Now Or Never

An American Trilogy

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Sample Playlist

It’s Now or Never

Heartbreak Hotel

Blue Suede Shoes

Jailhouse Rock

Always On My Mind

All Shook Up

Teddy Bear

Just Can’t Help Believing

The Wonder of You

American Trilogy

Plus Many More.


“You have to book this guy again! You won’t hear a better Elvis voice than this!”
Chris Clark, Grosvenor Casino Salford