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Specialty Acts

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1940s Variety Show

By Louise.Smith

  About The 1940s Variety Show Details Performance: 2 x 45 Minutes Backing: Tracks Area: UK Sergeant Dom Collins welcomes…

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Albert Higginbottom

By Louise.Smith

About Albert Higginbottom Details Performance: 2 x 45 Minutes Backing: Tracks Area: UK Albert Higginbottom lives back in a not…

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Billy Flywheel

By Louise.Smith

  About Billy Flywheel Book Billy to Perform: The Billy Flywheel After Dinner Show   The Sporting Mentalist Show  …

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Casino Tables

By Louise.Smith

  About Casino Tables Details Performance: Up to 3 hours Area: UK Packages include: Delivery and Setup Luxury Casino Tables…

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Comedy Dining Experience

By Louise.Smith

  About Comedy Dining Experience Details Duration: 2.5 Hours Posters Provided Flyers Provided Location: UK & Europe Family Friendly Comedy…

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Event Caricaturist

By Louise.Smith

  About The Event Caricaturist Packages Caricaturing Packages include: A3 Caricatures Drawn & Presented On the Day High Quality A3…

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Fun Fortune Teller

By Louise.Smith

  About Fun Fortune Teller Details Performance Times To Suit Client Needs Corporate Events Private Parties Area: Worldwide Amelie blends…