The Bond Legacy
About The Bond Legacy


Performance: 2 x 50 minutes or 1 hour show

Backing: Tracks or Band

Area: UK


The Bond Legacy is a themed music show featuring stunning versions of the very best theme tunes in film history.

When you think of James Bond films, you immediately remember the theme song. This show brings those memorable songs to your audience.

The music is the star of the show, so there is no unnecessary chat between songs; this is a slick production that will leave you with great memories.

Featuring four top class singers, the show is available in several different formats to suit different events.

With such a wide variety of songs featured in the show, The Bond Legacy is an enjoyable night out for everyone, and it’s ideal for theatres, corporate events and cabaret performances.




Example Playlist

Nobody Does It Better
From Russia With Love
Plus Many More Bond Theme Tunes