Albert Higginbottom
About Albert Higginbottom


Performance: 2 x 45 Minutes

Backing: Tracks

Area: UK

Albert Higginbottom lives back in a not too distant, Lancashire past, where he recalls all of the things that we used to know and love. When the world was a much slower, friendlier place. Where you could go on a ‘proper night out’ with a ‘ten-bob note’, and still come home with change.

Albert has sifted through the most popular Lancashire songs, ones that everyone knows, can sing along to and added to that a plethora of fabulous nostalgic wit. All of this in the style of ‘back then’, so no jokes that you wouldn’t tell your Grandma and certainly no bad language!

It’s a show for all the family, where those that remember it for real will have a whale of time getting their deepest memories jostled and the ones that weren’t there will most likely be amazed by the way things were back then!

All in all, a brilliant night out for all.



Example Playlist

Welcome To Lancashire

Matchstalk Men

New Years Eve 1965

The Minors Of The ABC

A Girl Called Chips

Last Orders

As Kids We Went to Blackpool

The Sound Of Silence

Our Kid

Liverpool Lou

Ee Bah Gum It’s Cowd

And Many More