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Barlow Sings
About Barlow Sings


Performance: 2 x 45 Minutes or 1 Hour

Backing: Tracks or Live Band

Area: Worldwide


Lee is a highly-regarded singer and performer in his own right and he has perfected his tribute to Gary Barlow so well that you really believe it could be the real thing.

Some tributes are easier than others, for example Elton John – because it’s easy to caricature the artist (think costume & glasses), but a Gary Barlow Tribute is much more difficult as he’s just a regular good-looking chap – nothing to caricature.

So for our Gary Barlow Tribute, it has to start with the (very distinctive) voice which is no mean feat as Gary can really sing.

Every now and then we come across a natural ‘looker’ and that’s what we have with our Gary; not a 110% lookalike – he does have a very good ‘look’ of Gary Barlow. That, coupled with his truly excellent vocals – dressed-up in Gary clothing makes him one of the very best of the very few.




Example Playlist

Back For Good

Everything Changes


Greatest Day

Let Me Go


Plus Many More